To create an integrated program and develop an activation strategy to allow consumers to engage with AOL and reinvigorate the AIM brand by leveraging their association with Jason Derülo on his fall 2010 tour.


  • Created and facilitated nationwide road trip contest and online ticket giveaway promotions, pre-promotion videos, and daily tour blogs with the artist
  • Created AIM.com/Jason for fans to sign up for AIM and chat with Jason and be eligible for prizes such as meet and greets
  • Had brand ambassadors engage with fans on-site with posters and flyers; messaged fans on official sites, social networking sites, and newsletters


  • Road trip contest gained 38,911 impressions and 4,000 entrants
  • Distributed 2,000 posters and 27,000 flyers facilitating sign- ups of new AIM accounts at the shows
  • Created an engaging online experience by distributing continuous viral content such as videos, photos and artist interaction with AIM, resulting in over 83,000 pre-promotion video views and 151,000 daily tour blog views
  • AIM gained nearly 100,000 Facebook likes over the course of the tour