To create a synergetic partnership between Jägermeister and artists which translates organically to consumers while making an impact across multiple genres, music venues, bars, and clubs.


  • Created and displayed tour specific signage at the bars, backdrop and PA scrims on the stages, and posters and banners for the fans
  • Incorporated tour emcee, brand ambassadors, and Jägerettes to create fan interaction through product giveaways, text to win contests and meet and greets with the artists
  • Produced tours across genres such as metal, hard rock, and country
  • Created and maintained tour-specific social media assets along with video updates including artist interviews leading up to, throughout, and after the tour via the artists’ websites, Jägermeister web assets, and social networking outlets


  • Produced 74 shows over three tours with 153,555 total attendance between Fall 2010 and Spring 2011
  • Facebook campaign achieved 57,026,630 impressions with 17,117 clicks to Jägermeister’s page
  • Through terrestrial and satellite radio promotions, Jägermeister achieved well over 5,000,000 impressions, 14,000 live reads, 6,000 recorded promotions, 821,000 e-mail impressions, and 36,000 text impressions with a total promotion value of over $2,800,000
  • The series of 32 short videos received over 140,000 views