Oddball Comedy Festival 2013


Position Redd’s Apple Ale within the comedy space ahead of its competition to strengthen its current creative position as a fun, tasty alternative to traditional adult beverage products.


  • Created a fully interactive experience, including fun backyard games and sampling provided by brand models, which was set up on each stop of the tour
  • Designed and executed the “Redd Room” – a backstage VIP area where the comedians, their guests, and contest winners relaxed at each show
  • Placed signage in high-traffic areas to expose the brand to all festival goers
  • Utilized Oddball’s social networks and website to expose consumers to Redd’s before the event and generate buzz around the brand


  • Sampled over 50,000 consumers on site
  • Facilitated sales of Redd’s in Live Nation venues
  • Brand included in hundreds of thousands of media impressions