To create a program that would increase the social media audience of Thrifty Car Rental via a compelling entertainer while positioning them as a fun, adventurous brand.


  • Researched a long list of performers that met client’s requested criteria of family friendly, and adventurous, with a significant number of Facebook followers and selected Brad Paisley; negotiated and contracted Brad Paisley partnership with management
  • Implemented online promotion housed on Brad’s Facebook page and dedicated webpage; negotiated the posting of 40 messages on Brad’s personal Facebook page
  • Secured significant amount of autographed merchandise used as prizing and incentive as well as premium seating for contest winners, including front row tickets for grand prize


  • Thrifty’s Facebook likes increased by 584% adding 5,000 new likes per week, going from 5,961 to 40,662 in 7 week period
  • Garnered 283,089 page views and 117,857 unique visitors on Brad's web site