Pollstar: Entertainment 3Sixty’s Plans For Brands

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Pollstar’s Jay Smith caught up with John and learned all about our plans:


Ticket prices and sell-out shows are common talking points when discussing concert industry economics. But for many tours, as well as live events in general, additional revenue streams often play out in the background, yet are just as important.

Some of these efforts go virtually unnoticed, or are seen as being part of the scenery at, say, NASCAR events or Major League Baseball games. We accept the advertising at the track or corporate logos emblazoned on outfield walls as part of the business side of entertainment. In today’s advertising-saturated world consumers are constantly exposed to messages, products and brands jockeying for attention, retention, and, sponsors hope, sales.

But in some ways concert audiences represent even more unique demographics than other live events with artists attracting fans belonging to specific age groups, income levels, gender or other common-ground areas. While setting up a booth in an arena concourse is easy, bringing corporations together with an industry that combines art with business is not only challenging, but almost a science in itself.

We met John Reese earlier this summer when the concert producer was preparing to launch his newest road adventure – “Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival” – featuring Disturbed and Avenged Sevenfold along with Stone Sour, HaleStorm, Hellyeah, Airborne, Hail The Villain and New Medicine. However, while talking with Reese about band lineups and establishing a new annual event, we became intrigued with a company he founded in November 2009 with business partner Lisa Bennett, a new player called Entertainment 3Sixty.


In forming Entertainment 3Sixty, Reese and Bennett combined skills that often run in tandem in an industry that relies on artistic accomplishments as well as business acumen. Reese came up through the artist side of the equation, working as tour manager for Guns N’ Roses during the band’s early headlining years.

Years managing bands like The Used, Danzig and Goldfinger followed as did co-founding indie label I AM Recordings. Reese also helms Jagermeister’s live music projects.

Bennett hails from promotion, marketing and sales. Having started in radio, Bennett plunged into the concert biz when she signed on with Texas-based Pace Productions, then headed by Louis Messina, whom she calls her mentor. Bennett’s history also includes a 2005 project with Irving Azoff and time spent heading up the sports and entertainment group Connections.

Today, along with another partner – VP of sales Julie Curtis – Entertainment 3Sixty’s payroll includes five sales reps and an administrative position.

“In looking at all the companies out there that try to connect brands with music properties, there wasn’t a company that really specialized in understanding how relationships work from a standpoint of production and band relationships,”Reese told Pollstar while on location the day before another of his touring festivals, the “Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Tour,” launched at the San Manuel Amphitheatre in Devore, Calif.
“And with my expertise from the production side and the producer side and Lisa’s expertise from the agency side, we felt it was an opportunity to put together a team with a soup-to-nuts solution for people.”


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