Dallas Observer: How Lights All Night Became Dallas’ Biggest EDM Festival

Lights All Night was profiled by the Dallas Observer right before the doors opened on day 1:

Lights All Night 2012

There’s one week until Lights All Night, and co-founder Scott Osburn is sick. It always happens this way, right when you can ill afford time spent laying around, recuperating, foggy from medicine. Things are ramping up quickly now. They’re already working on the massive, elaborate staging inside the Dallas Convention Center — this year DJs will play from stages nicknamed “The Mothership” and “Boombox.” The EDM festival has grown each year since its 2010 inception, up from 30,00 attendees in 2011, and expectations are high. So Osborn is powering through, visiting the site, dealing with last-minute logistics. Sleep will have to wait.


LAN, which takes place tonight and tomorrow (you can buy tickets here), was started by Osborn and Hank Keller, both Dallas natives in their 20s. After one year at Plaza of the Americas, the festival spent two years in the Convention Center before moving to Fair Park last year. It’s back to the Convention Center this year — the environment is a little more contained and they decided it made more sense for what they wanted to do.


The rapid growth of Lights All Night makes it the largest EDM festival in Dallas, and Osborn thinks there’s still room to get bigger. “I think that Texas lends itself to have the number of people to show up for the shows,” Osborn says. “And I think that other promoters in the market have done a fantastic job of growing the dance culture in this market.” He thinks the proximity of Dallas to Vegas makes it an easy sell to many big-name DJs, who are either spending their time in Nevada anyway or can plan an additional stop as they head this way.

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