Examiner.com: The Road 2 Oddball Begins… With You!

Redd’s Apple Ale revealed the Road 2 Oddball Stand Up Challenge and examiner.com has the details:

Redd's Road 2 Oddball 2014

The brains behind Funny or Die announced today the details of the Road 2 Oddball comedy contest, which will ultimately give one aspiring comedian the chance of a lifetime.


In the fall of 2013, the Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival kicked off with comedian Dave Chappelle’s much-awaited return to the stage, along with performances from comedic heavyweights Jeffrey Ross, Al Madrigal, Demitri Martin, Jim Jefferies and more. The festival was a hugely successful tour, leaving many to wonder if comedy fans would get to see the Oddball Festival on an annual basis.


And it’s official – there most certainly will be an Oddball Fest 2 (sponsored by Redd’s Apple Ale), which is slated to launch sometime around August. Just when you think it can’t get any cooler than it already is, guess again. The amazing folks over at Funny or Die are throwing down the comedic gauntlet to let you have a shot of actually being in this year’s festival with the Road 2 Oddball contest.


That’s right – you.

Read more here and have a look at the official Funny or Die video:



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