Martha White and Gladiola Logos

State Fair of Texas


Hometown Food Company, the proud parent of some of America’s most cherished baking brands, found themselves in a bit of a sticky situation. Despite snagging a sweet sponsorship deal with the State Fair of Texas, they were in a bit of a jam when it came to spreading the word about their delicious Gladiola cornbread and Martha White muffins during the TX-OU weekend festivities. With their mission to tempt taste buds hitting a stalemate, our friends at the State Fair of Texas knew they needed some outside help – cue the entrance of Entertainment 3Sixty!


As soon as the scent of freshly baked muffins wafted our way, we knew we had to rise to the occasion. With our team of culinary maestros, creative geniuses, and fabrication wizards, we concocted a plan as savory as a perfectly baked batch of muffins. Our big idea? To whip up an interactive country kitchen experience that would have fair-goers flocking to sample mini blueberry muffins and scrumptious sweet cornbread bits faster than you can say, “butter me up!”


Now, let’s get into the floury details of how we kneaded this challenge into submission. Our activation space was like a well-oiled baking machine, complete with a porch swing photo op that transported fairgoers deep in the heart of Texas, a corn hole game that was as entertaining as it was corny, and a charming farmhouse façade that made visitors feel right at home. With our crafty kitchen crew working their magic behind the scenes and our enthusiastic Brand Ambassadors serving up smiles by the dozen, we created a recipe for success. Plus, we made sure that both Martha White and Gladiola got their fair share of the spotlight, from the signage to the samples, ensuring that everyone left with a taste of homegrown goodness.


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