Compose Yourself Mag: Top 10 TOOBUKU Moments From BUKU Music + Art Project

Re-live the magic of the BUKU Music + Art Project by scoping Compose Yourself Mag’s favorite moments:

New Orleans is a city famous for its rich culture of music, art and spirit; BUKU Music + Arts Project is a cultural celebration held in the Big Easys’ burgeoning Warehouse District that truly captures the heart of Nola’s charm. The festival’s home of Mardi Gras World weaves a unique ambience around the fests’ artistic happenings, as it showcases jaw-dropping Mardi Gras floats and the scenic Mississippi River in the background. From international touring acts representing a plethora of genres, to improv street performances reflecting the essence of the city, BUKU has something for every type of festival-goer’s stimuli. We experienced countless epic moments as the festival immersed our senses in euphonic and aesthetic treats, but we managed to compile a list of our top 10 TOOBUKU moments.

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