Irresistible Foods Group

BeachLife Ranch Festival


In the world of delectable delights, Irresistible Foods Group stands tall with its lineup of desirable brands: King’s Hawaiian, Grillo’s Pickles, and Shaka Tea. With all three brands using BeachLife Ranch as a basis for their Los Angeles projects, it was crystal clear that their mission wasn’t just about flaunting their flavorful offerings – they needed a team to make their activations a big dill. With enticing activations ahead of them, Irresistible Foods Group knew Entertainment 3Sixty was the perfect team to lure guests in and have them California dreamin’ while they stopped to smell the roses.


Cooking up activations is our cup of tea, and when faced with a challenge as meaty as this one, we simply couldn’t resist. Our sweet and savory plan? To concoct an immersive experience that would tantalize the taste buds of Southern California’s country-loving crowd and give them a glimpse into our world of irresistible eats. With brands and products as enticing as ours, we weren’t in a pickle. We knew concertgoers would have a sweet and savory reaction to our fresh samples and captivating entertainment.


We had them at Aloha as guests entered beneath the giant King’s Hawaiian crown and were greeted with mouthwatering Sweet + Heat King’s Hawaiian slider, topped with a delicious Grillo’s Pickle. The fun kept rolling as guests snapped photos at the Hawaiian-themed flower wall and dined at custom surfboard tables while enjoying a fusion of flavors in every can of ice-cold Shaka Tea.

We turned up the heat as Sam Sam the Pickle Man made a grand entrance as the HPIC (Head Pickle in Charge). Fans rushed to snap selfies with the pickle man himself, and grab a fresh, crisp Grillo’s Dill Pickle Spear. FOMO was at an all-time high and we had fans clamoring for limited edition Grillo’s trucker hats, keychains and more.

The outcome was as delightful and satisfying as sinking your teeth into a freshly baked King’s Hawaiian roll. Our festival takeover was impossible to miss – from our activations and stage signage to catering integrations and promotions, we had every nook and cranny covered.



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